Bitsdaq Bittrex New Exchange Free AirDrop & BXBC Tokens 2019

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Bitsdaq Bittrex New Exchange Free AirDrop & BXBC Tokens 2019 Ahmed Faraz English tutorial

Sign Up:
There is good news friends you can earn free coins just register yourself & You will receive 1000 tokens just for signing up using the link below.
Then there is a 200 token DAILY reward for just login until 31st of March 2019. So if you sign in every day of March you can get yourself another thousands of free BXBC Tokens.

You will get a referral code. If anyone signs up using your code then they will receive 1000 tokens and you will receive 800 BXBC per person.

If you do your KYC then you get another 5000 tokens.

This is all totally free money. It's possible to accumulate over 20000 free tokens by the end of March. Even if they are trading as low as $0.50 by the end of the year, that amounts to $10K. Imagine they are trading at half the value of BNB at the moment ??.

Register TODAY. Each day you wait will cost you a minimum of 200 tokens.
The exchange itself looks very professional and smooth. Nothing less than you would expect from a professional company like Bittrex
Bitsdaq Cryptocurrency Exchange Candy Plan - Sign up to get candy coins for free. Use the below link to sign up for Bitsdaq and you will receive a lot of BXBC Candy Reward for free.
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