Bitcoin & the Blockchain Primer

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Recently, the organization Harvard in Tech, the official Harvard alumni group for technology, hosted a panel of experts on bitcoin and the blockchain. We were thrilled to attend the event, where we learned some of the basics of this cryptocurrency, and its potential impact on the global financial system. While there is a great deal more to bitcoin and the blockchain than we were able to explore in this piece, we hope it serves as a useful primer on some key bitcoin concepts, and makes the case for why we should be paying attention to developments in the field.

We want to thank Harvard in Tech, and the following panelists:

Nathanial Popper: Business Reporter at The New York Times
Michael Casey: Senior Advisor on Blockchain Opportunities, MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative
Chris Lavery: Vice President of Operations & Finance at Blockchain
Patrick Murck: Lawyer & Fellow at the Berman Center for Internet & Security at Harvard
Paul Chou: CEO & Co-Founder at LedgerX
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