Bitcoin: How In The HELL Did We Get HERE!?

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Bitcoin has evolved into a 200+ billion dollar backed by the strongest computing network in the world. How in the HELL did we get to this point? What events, projects, and digital monies came before BTC? Bitcoin could be radically different or even non-existent if it wasn’t for the digital money revolution that began in the late 80s. The revolution shaped Bitcoin into what it is, and what it is destined to become. A decentralized global currency.

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Introduction
00:26 Bitcoin Is Not The 1st Iteration of Digital Money
00:59 1st Known Cases of Digital Money-Gas Stations In The Netherlands & Albert Heijn
01:38 David Chaum & DigiCash & eCash
03:13 Web Based Money & PayPal
04:15 Adam Back Creates HashCash
04:34 Wei Dai Creates B-Money
04:51 Nick Szabo Creates BitGold
05:06 The Launch of eGold In The USA & It's Shutdown
06:05 These Ideas & Projects Laid The Ground Work For Bitcoin
06:36 What Satoshi Had To Say About These Previous Iteration of Digital Money
06:57 Conclusion

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