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Bitcoin has bottomed & Crypto IS BACK! TREAD CAREFULLY – IT'S STILL RISKY! See Description

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CAUTION: I could be wrong, and that’s why I emphasize how crucial it is to manage risk with stop losses on ALL TRADES. Don’t expect an immediate pump like 2017 had, but a slower, more deliberate market developing.

My long-term analysis have been amazingly precise, more so than any other analysis I’ve heard or seen. Given how much my model has done for me, I can’t turn my back on her now. I think we still need to see a lot of small cap and microcap projects due off. We’re already seeing exchanges de-list projects that aren’t legit and on the level. So, this won’t be a speculative bull run like we had in 2017. Instead, we will see a slow burn, where we progress slowly and incrementally see shit coins fall off the map.

For these reasons, I am buying back into my LONG-TERM PORTFOLIO. I sold off all of my positions last year, and I am now ready to buy everything back at a 90% discount in some cases. I shorted my own bags and I’m going to earn a substantial profit as a result.

GROUP MEMBERS: It's time to look at my WATCH LIST and discuss long term plays where we can target 200-500% profits. That is a real potential possibility again! We just need to be judicious and trust our models and our research! Stay tuned for some LIVE STREAMS dedicated to our longer-term strategy.

If you'd like to learn more about my strategies and trading in general, I'd be honored to mentor you and teach you. I am not a professional trader and I'm not a financial advisor, so all I can do is share my knowledge and experience and help guide you in your learning. If you'd like to have my help, check out our group! Details available at www.toolfreecrypto.com

Only 2.5 admission requirements... No snowflakes who are easily offended, and NO TOM CRUISE! And NO TOOLS!

Brutally honest disclaimer: I don't advise people to make trades, so don't be a stupid idiot and blame me for losing money. If you think I'm a financial advisor and you're hiring me to give you professional advice, you’re a dumb nipple dick. I can just share my own trades and my own experiences with you. The rest is on you, so take some responsibility! If you're too lazy to learn how to manage your capital, and you lose money, you have nobody to blame but yourself, and nothing but your own stupidity!
So #TradeSmarterKnowBetter

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