Beyond Dragon Ball Super: Former Angel Granola Revealed! Goku And Vegeta Vs The OG73 Army On Earth!

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The Beyond Dragon Ball Super story introduces us to the invasion on earth with Granolah capturing and cloning OG73 in having the OG73 army battle our heroes! With Goku Vs OG73 and Vegeta Vs OG73 along with Gohan Vs OG73 and Piccolo Vs 73 commencing, Granolah finds himself before Merus after Merus arrived in helping everyone, only to reveal that Granola was once a former Angel who lost his powers and is now looking to get it back! Will Granola be able to restore his power and status? Will we see Goku Vs Granolah after or Vegeta Vs Granolah? The possibilities are endless! Be sure to subscribe for more daily Dragon Ball Content!

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