ASMR Unpredictable CRANIAL Nerve Exam Role Play , Patching You Up , Sleep , Relaxation , Soft Spoken

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Hello darling!
In this ASMR unpredictable cranial nerve exam roleplay video, Meryl will patch you up and help you avhieve maximum relaxation with her soft spoken voice and lots of asmr triggers.

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00:00 preview
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02:38 ASMR cranial nerve exam start
03:25 ASMR light trigger
05:51 ASMR face touching, finger following and waving hand movements
09:28 ASMR double lights triggers
10:40 ASMR red desaturation test
12:00 ASMR sharp or dull face touching
13:42 ASMR light trigger mouth checkup
15:32 ASMR crinkly sounds - smell test
16:46 ASMR gloves sounds - crinkly sounds- bandaging and cleaning
25:45 Arm harness placement
27:15 ASMR heartbeat and breathing checkup - ending

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