An Awesome Glitch Plugin ???? | Devious Machines Infiltrator Demo

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Howdy doody, frienderoonies! Today we're here to check out an awesome new glitch plugin and processing box from Devious Machines! Infiltrator is their latest release, and brings lots of awesome features to a fast and fun interface to create awesome drum breaks for DnB, crazy glitch stuff for neuro, tape stops and filters for awesome trap loops, or just some general glitchy madness to your sound design.

Infiltrator reminds me a lot of the old dblue Glitch plugin, but with a more modern interface and some cool new features to really take it's capabilities to the next level.

Infiltrator is available right now, and you can find it today at:

0:00 Howdy
1:32 Feature Overview
5:01 Using Infiltrator
6:12 MIDI Triggering
6:37 Presets
7:23 Full Track Demo
9:43 Closing Thoughts

Stay classy!

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