Among Us Gameplay: IMPOSTERS ASSEMBLE! (Let's Play Among Us with Eurogamer and Dicebreaker)

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The time has finally arrived! Andy, Luke and Jane have been locked up onboard a spaceship with Ian Higton, Aoife Wilson and Zoe Delahunty-Light from Team Eurogamer, along with Alex Lolies and Wheels from Dicebreaker. That would be a rather lovely time were it not for one small problem: one of the crew is a murderous alien imposter. Find out who is the best at lying, cheating and murdering in this special three-way Let's Play of Among Us! You can get all the perspectives by watching the three concurrent streams from Outside Xbox, Dicebreaker and Eurogamer (links below).

Watch Dicebreaker's feed here:
Watch Eurogamer's feed here:

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