28273MS New World Record Movement Speed - League of Legends

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Rammus hits 28273 Movement Speed, it was a World Record at the time of upload.

Raw MS is calculated as follows:
(sum of flat movement speed) x (1 + sum of additive bonuses) x (1 + multiplicative bonus one) x (1 + multiplicative bonus two) x ... (1+ final multiplicative bonus)

This raw MS then gets the soft cap applied, for MS over 490:
Final MS = (Raw MS x ) + 230

Hopefully you can see why multiplicative bonuses are so much stronger. Here is the breakdown of Movement Speeds:

Flat Movement Speed:
335 - Rammus Base Speed
105 - Boots of Mobility
20 - Alacrity Enchantment
- Nami Passive (Surging Tides) Max

Additive Bonus Movement Speed:
200% - Homeguard
50% - Talisman of Ascension
11% - Runes and Masteries
10% - Captain Enchantment
20% - Youmuu's Ghost Blade
117% - Kayle's W (Divine Blessing) - Max
151% - Lulu's W (Whimsy) - Max

Multiplicative Bonus Movement Speed:
52% - Revive (125% decaying at per second)
140% - Rammus Q (Powerball) - charges at 20% per second
20% - Flash with distortion enchantment
50% - Mercurial Scimitar
52% - Galio's E (Righteous Gust)
15% - Fully stacked Sword of the Occult
30% - Heal

The 'Max' figures for Nami/Lulu/Kayle show that we didn't have the ideal rune page of scaling AP Marks/Seals/Glyphs/Quints. Also note that Kayle doesn't build Seraph's Embrace as her base mana at level 18 is less than 1000, so it doesn't give as much AP as a DFG.

With our current runes the maximum MS we could have reached is 30932. With optimum runes, and by swapping Talisman for Youmuu's on Rammus the maximum anyone can reach is theoretically 31411MS. Unfortunately it is very hard to get close to this target as the server struggles to update the information quick enough as it all happens in such a short space of time.
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