24th Ethereum Milano meetup

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1. Fund management with the Gnosis Safe, Giacomo Licari, Software Engineer @ Gnosis

Gnosis is building several infrastructure components on Ethereum, such as a multi-signature wallet, prediction markets and an exchange for crypto assets. The Gnosis Safe wallet will be the focus of this meetup. It provides enterprise-grade features including role-based-access control and is designed for institutions looking to manage digital assets on the public Ethereum network.
Attendees will have the opportunity to gain early access to the newly released prediction market beta on Sight.pm, which is operated by one of Gnosis’ subsidiaries.

2. Intro su Corda, Gianfranco Prini

Giacomo Licari

Giacomo is a passionate software engineer, currently working at Gnosis, a Blockchain Company. Prior to Gnosis, he worked for startups and a consulting firm until he realized something in his life had to change.
At Gnosis he has contributed to build the Gnosis Multisignature wallet, as well as Olympia, a prediction markets' based tournament platform and now he is dedicating most of his time to devops practices, to build IT infrastructure and to develop Sight, the prediction markets platform 2.0.

Gianfranco Prini

Gianfranco is founder and executive of multiple technology companies, has a 45 year long academic career in Pisa and Milano as a professor of theoretical computer science, logics and AI; programming languages, operating systems and software engineering; computer networking, web technologies and digital communication; history of computer science and computing.

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