#199 Self Balancing 'Bot (almost) with Arduino Pro Micro

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For several weeks I've followed Joop Brokking's detailed project for a self-balancing robot.
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I've made a few changes to the mechanical design but in essence it's pretty much as his website shows (links below). The electronic changes I've made are just nice-to-have features that I've demonstrated in this channel, such as the MOSFET reverse polarity protection and the Si4599 Arduino-controlled auto-off function.

It's early days. The bot doesn't balance very well, but I've only just changed the oversized wheels to 5cm wheels (as per Joop's design) and it already works a lot better.

This is not a cheap project, but keeps me very busy and it's fun to do. Whether I will still be saying that as I try and get my head round Joop's PID calculations remains to be seen.

PID? Basically a feedback control loop. Your living room thermostat is the simplest I can think of, but the cruise-control of a car is another. We'll talk about all this in a later video once I have a successfully balancing and moving 'bot.

So this video is more about my journey thus far, getting the 'bot to stand up (some of the time) and my plans to enhance its abilities going forward.

You'll also see the excellent JLCPCB PCB board I made for the project which simplifies the wiring considerably and mitigates wiring errors.


The parts list you'll find on Joop's website here, along with 3 videos that explain it all:


Useful information on the DRV8825 Stepper Motor module:

Want to know about PID? Read on in Wikipedia:


I bought my Pro Mini (5V / 16MHz) from Banggood (this is for a 5-pack but they sell them individually too):

And the Si4599 dual MOSFET board for the auto off:

5cm (cheap) wheels I got from here (drill a hole in the wheel if using Nema 14 35mm stepper motors):

NEMA 14 metal 'L' brackets also:

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