$1,200 Stimulus Check Update for SSI, SSDI, Social Security – Tuesday, August 18th

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$1200 stimulus check update for SSI, SSDI, Social Security – Tuesday, August 18
In this video, Matt discusses the latest information regarding the second stimulus check included in the stimulus package. Nothing has been negotiated and the stimulus checks are being held hostage as a result of poor negotiations between the parties. American people are struggling and desperately need additional stimulus in the form of stimulus checks. These were proposed months ago and everyone is anxiously awaiting always, my videos pertain to anyone in the following categories, low income, Social Security recipients, Social Security retirement, Social Security disability, Social Security survivors, supplemental security income, and veteran affairs beneficiaries. These groups can also be represented I want to maintain to be a advocate for the people in these groups and do anything I can to help during these difficult times. Please be sure to subscribe if you’re new here and leave any comments or questions below. Thank you for watching.
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