1 May 2021|Gargi Classes Vocabulary Session (Indian Express)| For all Competitive Exams (English).

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Indian Express Vocabulary in hindi,

1st May 2021 | Indian Express Vocabulary | The Hindu Vocabulary | Daily current affairs for RPSC RAS by Gargi classes.
Vocabularies for all Competitive Exams related to English Language.

Into this video words' Synonyms, Antonyms and Particular Meanings are discussed, which are helpful in attempting all the competitive exams related to English language.

In this video We will cover the important current affairs on a daily basis by referring to the important newspapers, journals, news shows and magazine referred for UPSC CSE or RPSC-RAS preparation including the Hindu, Indian Express, Rajya Sabha TV, Yojana, Kurukshetra etc. This course will help full for prelims as well as mains preparation.

Editorial Discussion for IAS UPSC, RAS RPSC and other State PSCs exam Preparation.

Indian Express News Analysis-

Indian Express Editorial Analysis-

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